What’s your 4 minute mile?

Running a mile in 4 minutes was considered humanly impossible until Roger Bannister broke that barrier.

Within 3 years, 16 others broke the 4 minute barrier.

The only thing that changed was that the impossible was revealed to be possible.

  • What seems unattainable to you now?
  • What is your “4 minute mile”?
  • What unattainable thresholds in your organization are just waiting to be busted?

Perception and mindset are important.

(Hat Tip: Beyond Performance by Keller & Price)

Why I need instability

I like innovation. I love to see the emergence of new systems.

I also like stability. I wish I could be left to create in a stable environment.

Expecting to see innovation from stability is not merely unrealistic, it may be counterproductive. Innovation comes from moments of disequilibrium, not moments of stability. An unstable system is not something I should avoid, rather it is a precursor to emergence that I should embrace. I shouldn’t look for stability in my situations.

As a Christ-follower, I need to remember that God is my strength. The stability of a situation or ecology is not a foundation in which to find peace. Psalm 46 reminds me that God is my strength, even if “the earth gives way and the mountains fall into the sea”.

No disequilibrium I have experienced has been THAT severe.

Surveys: Test your test

When putting together a customer survey, never underestimate the value of the pretest. If sending the survey to a group, consider starting by sending the survey to 10% of your list first. Take a look at their responses.

  • Did they understand the questions?
  • Were there barriers to their participation?
  • Could the terms in your questions have more than one meaning?
  • Were your answer options exhaustive enough for the user?
  • Were the surveys completed?

Look for all of these answers with a small portion of your survey sample, before the entire sample answers the wrong question.

Test your test

Facebook goes down, and we all take to Twitter to talk about it

Facebook experienced some downtime today… and we all had fun rediscovering Twitter:


But in the end.. all was right with the world:

Starbucks and Lyft: get a ride.. earn coffee

The next time you get picked up by a Toyota Prius with a pink mustache, you could be on your way to a Venti Iced Something Something

The next time you get picked up by a Toyota Prius with a pink mustache (I haven’t seen the mustache in a while), you could be on your way to a Venti Iced Something Something.

Starbucks just announced a broad partnership with ride-sharing company Lyft, including a plan to reward Lyft drivers and customers in the U.S. with My Starbucks Rewards.

Source: Starbucks is riding with Lyft: Riders and drivers to get ‘stars’ for coffee and food under new alliance – GeekWire

Spotify use has doubled in the last year

A year ago Spotify had 10 Million paid subscribers and 40 Million active users.

At the end of May 2015, Spotify had 20 Million paid subscribers and 75 Million active users.

As they pointed out on a company blog post, that is a new paid subscriber every 3 seconds!

According to the company, that has resulted in $300 Million in royalties paid in the first quarter of 2015.